Our Approach

RRPCC offers a traditional play-based environment integrated with innovated teaching strategies and curriculum necessary in building strong foundations for young learners.  Our core focus is nurturing the whole child; recognizing their uniqueness while striving to meet individualized learning goals. We believe children learn best through creative experiences that engage their curiosity to explore and learn.


At RRPCC, we utilize The Teaching Strategies Curriculum. This curriculum incorporates the latest research and best early childhood education practices, which help to cater for the needs of all children, in their early learning development. The Teaching Strategies Curriculum has three creative curriculums, which are; The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos. The Creative Curriculum for Preschool and the Creative Curriculum for Pre- Kindergarten. All three curriculums cater for high quality, up to date programs with fascinating topics and themes, that help to integrate learning into every part of the day. The children are kept busy with engaging experiences and brand new resources to heighten their early learning development.

Also, at RRPCC we understand the importance of assessments, which is why we incorporate assessing into the curriculum, on a daily basis. Each lead teacher at RRPCC completes ongoing assessments, which helps to evaluate each child’s progress. We also keep parents up to date with their child’s development, through parent teacher conferences.

Our trained staff will always continue to implement various educational resources and incorporate a curriculum map to guide, planning and facilitating. For example, Learning Without Tears and PALS assessments are two educational components that are integrated into the preschool and Pre-K classrooms. Learning Without Tears is a developmentally appropriate curriculum that makes learning and teaching fun. Learning Without Tears, helps children to ‘Get School Ready.’ This program uses hands on multi sensory materials and was designed to help introduce shapes, numbers, and letters, both upper and lower case.

The PALS assessment, stands for Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening. This screening is a standardized literacy screening test designed by the state of Virginia to test students in Pre-Kindergarten through third grade. The assessment was created to determine how much literacy experience and knowledge a 4-5 year old child has, before entering elementary school. This assessment looks at each child’s strengths and also any early prevention of possible reading difficulties. From this assessment, the Pre-K teacher is able to make inform choices about what to teach in the classroom, in order to help advance each child’s literacy development.

At RRPCC, developmentally appropriate activities and play lay the groundwork for successful learning.  We believe high quality educational programs are most effective when keyed to growth-related milestones and four learning domains: social/emotional, physical (fine and gross motor), language, and cognitive development.


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