6 weeks - 8 months

Safety, happiness and development  are priorities in the Birdies room where infants are nurtured by experienced moms who are friendly, enthusiastic, and responsive caregivers.  Babies' needs are addressed with smiles, eye contact, and loving interaction.  Vocabulary development is encouraged through conversation and music.  A bright and cheerful classroom provides age-appropriate toys and activities, cushioned mats and boppies to assist with tummy time, and a community table designed for eating and playtime.  A separate monitored sleeping room provides a soothing atmosphere for nap-time.  Daily record keeping is an integral part of this program.



  • Teachers engage babies during tummy time

  • American Sign Language begins at 6 months of age

  • Visual engagement and tracking

  • Verbal engagement

  • Noisy toys to begin teaching cause and effect

  • Activities that encourage gross and fine motor skills help strengthen large and small muscle groups coordination

  • Rolling over, sitting up and crawling are encouraged in this room

  • Infant strollers are used to take safe walks outside in the fresh air.