Busy bees

2 year olds

The 2-year-old class promotes independence through child centered and teacher directed activities. Emphasis is directed toward self-care milestones – self feeding,  toileting and hand washing, and helping with classroom tasks . Circle time engages children in calendar, weather, counting, story-time, songs, and patterns. Age appropriate activities promote taking turns, cooperation, sharing, and expressing feelings in an appropriate manner.  Daily record keeping is an integral part of the Busy Bees program.

Playing with sensory bottles.jpg


  • Early literacy skills such as phonics

  • Pre-writing skills and teacher-assisted drawing

  • Self-help skills including feeding, bathroom, and dressing

  • Beginner math and counting

  • Uses language appropriate to express wants and needs

  • Carries on conversations with teachers and other students

  • Initiates play using language

  • Sorts objects by color, size, item

  • Complete simple ABAB patterns

  • Recognizes their written name and can locate it in several places

  • Sequence pictures to make a story

  • Engage in color, painting, beginning writing, and other activities to promote fine motor skills

  • Climb, jump, walk, and run during gross motor activities