little leapers

12 months - 18 months

Energetic and patient teachers provide stimulating and developmentally appropriate activities to foster social skills, independent thinking, and self-expression.  Children are introduced to circle time and engage in musical awareness and story time.  Daily record keeping is an integral part of the Little Leapers program.



  • Playing with toys as a group and taking turns to encourage sharing is done daily

  • Begin walking down the hall side by side while holding hands

  • Walk to classroom from hallway

  • Identify personal belongings

  • Participate in coloring and finger-painting activities

  • Use playdough to develop fine motor skills

  • Walk, run, jump, and climb during gross motor activities

  • Begin to throw or catch a ball

  • Soft building blocks encourage stacking and balancing

  • American Sign Language is continued to help them express their wants and need

  • Sorting is done through shape toys