Loving Lambs

3 year olds

The preschool class for three-year-olds incorporates hands on opportunities designed to promote cognitive, social, and fine and gross motor development. Children engage in a wide-array of activities to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills, creative expression and socialization. 


Loving Lambs curriculum

The 3-year olds focus on the following.

  • More structured classroom schedule

  • Focus on early emergent reading and writing skills

  • Counting and math skills

  • Fine motor skills with complex activities such as cutting and pasting

  • Story telling and comprehension

  • Social and self-help skill development

  • Science program

  • American Sign Language

  • Engage in longer conversations with adults and other children using a greater variety of words

  • Begin to identify the first sound in a word

  • Identify and name letters in their name and begin to know sounds for some

  • Recognize his or her own name and begin to write it using both letters and letter-like shapes

  • Build relationships with adults and be able to express thoughts and needs

  • Ability to resolve disagreements between friends with little help from adults

  • Expressive play, through make believe

  • Climb, jump, walk, and run during gross motor activities